Try. Fail. Repeat: Dating in my 40s.

I suppose I should begin with who I am, and why in the world am I going to write about my dating life. My name is Sarah. I’m 43. This is where I would place a screaming emoji, but I’m not that skilled at blogging yet. It’s not that 43 is a “bad” age or anything. It’s more that I’m dating at 43, as a single mom, OH, and I have major health issues….like brain damage, which might actually explain everything. I mean, it could explain why I’m dating at all because you really do have to have brain damage to keep trying. If you keep reading and I keep posting, you will understand what I mean.

It all started on a cold dark night….just kidding. I mean, I don’t actually remember details, but I was completely unhappy with my “ex”, and I think that’s where almost all dating in my 40’s stories begin; the failure of relationship X.

Now, I’m calling him my “ex”, but we aren’t divorced. We have been happily separated for, I think it’s been 6 years. It’s been a very, very long time. We aren’t getting back together. EVER. He’s living with his girlfriend of two plus years, and I’ve debated telling her how much of mistake the relationship is, but I don’t want my ex coming back to me, so I just let it go.

I am not the one holding my foot on the brake for proceeding with a divorce. It’s my ex. The only two reasons I could think of for his demanding we wait is that either he is hoping I kick the bucket so he can come away with my stuff, or he doesn’t have the money to proceed. Either way, he’s threatened me with this and that if I move forward, and as long as he isn’t in my life, and he doesn’t have a lot of interaction with our daughter, I’m ok with waiting, and 95% of the men out there don’t seem to care either.

So, at one point in time, about 6 years ago, give or take a year, I kicked him out for good, and I pursued my life long ambition of a Happily Ever After, and this blog is the near hits and horrific misses of that journey.

Trust me, if you can bear with me as I try to figure out this new blog format, the stories will be worth it.

If you have made it this far, grab a glass of wine, and I will hit the ground running in the next post. Hopefully, published later today.


This is Me on a Good Day. Considering Botox Now………

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